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Installation of Lighscribe on Gentoo

Emerging layman (if you did not have already done this)

  1. Emerge layman (if you don't already have it).
  2. Add Mario's repository to the /etc/layman/layman.cfg file by adding this line:

under the line that starts “overlays :”. Then run (as root):

$ sudo layman -f
$ sudo layman -a lightscribe

or you can type

layman -f -a lightscribe -o ''

so you don't have to modify the config file

3. If you have a version of Portage that supports sets then you can emerge all the LightScribe apps with:

$ emerge -av @lightscribe

Warning: the qlscribe application requires qt-4. Don't emerge it if you don't want qt-4 on your system. IMO qlscribe is by far the best application of the bunch. If you have qt-4 I suggest you only emerge qlscribe and don't bother with the other apps. The ebuilds that contain other LightScribe apps are: lightscribe-lacie and lightscribe-simplelabeler.


  1. Several of the LightScribe packages have “fetch restrictions” which means that you have to manually download the “source” (proprietary, binary) packages and put them in your /usr/portage/distfiles directory. You download them from this site. As of this writing (August 26, 2009) the files you need to download are:

It is slightly easier to download them all at once before you start emerging. If these versions are no longer available, download what is available, and you may have to bump the ebuild version numbers if Mario has not done so already. You won't need the lightscribeApplications rpm if you're only installing qlscribe.

2. If the qlscribe app fails when you want to actually print a label or print a label preview then you can try the following steps to fix a bug in (some versions of) the dbus package:

$ sudo chgrp messagebus  /usr/libexec/dbus-daemon-launch-helper 
$ sudo chmod u+s /usr/libexec/dbus-daemon-launch-helper

3. If you want to use text over a background image in qlscribe, make sure you right click on the image and select “send to Back” to ensure that the image does not hide the text.

4. This howto should help you get up to speed using qlscribe (even if you don't want to use CDDB).

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