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    in order for pthread_cancel to work (which oftpd uses to close inactive
    connections), most ports need to load  but when oftpd uses
    a chroot, that file is no longer available (in fact, it'll try to load it
    from the chroot itself which is kind of a security issue).  so have the
    code proactively link against libgcc_s when it is found so that the lib
    is already loaded when we cancel.
    3939AC_CHECK_FUNCS(getcwd gettimeofday select socket strerror localtime_r gmtime_r) 
    4040dnl AC_CHECK_LIB(pthread, pthread_create) 
    4141dnl AC_SEARCH_LIBS(pthread_create, [ pthread pthreads thread threads ]) 
     42AC_CHECK_LIB(gcc_s, _Unwind_Resume) 
    4243AC_SEARCH_LIBS(socket, socket) 
    4344AC_SEARCH_LIBS(inet_ntoa, nsl) 
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